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I LOVE Tumblr; I joined for Scandal and a few of my very good twitter/tumblr friends. I stayed for Olitz, but I fell in love with TERRY!! God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!

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Hello, Folks…

I just wanted to let you all know that I am ending my Scandal conversation, thus my tumblr experience.  I joined tumblr for three people specifically (and one show (those I met on twitter as I began my Scandal experience (04/05/2012):  aliasvaughn, nikkisshadetree, and babycakesbriauna (there may be more (but I’ve been with these three ladies forever)))!  

I internally decided that I would stick around until the end of season 3; I fulfilled that promise to myself.  I am now at peace with calling it quits.

You all have totally been the highlight of my first fandom experience; I am almost certain that I will not allow myself to become as emotionally invested in a show again as I did with Scandal.  

I’ll leave this post for the next few days; I plan on ending it on Monday 04/21/2014.   Some of you I follow on twitter; you can find me on Twitter by the same handle “ColbertAust”.  I am also on (as a reader of course (by the same handle)).  

My email address is  If I decide to come back for Season 4 (as I posted last night; I don’t even think Tony Goldwyn can bring me back): I’ll be back (in my Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice)!

I.LOVE.YOU.SO.MUCH.  Don’t EVER forget that!!!

Tom was just cold-blooded though; how you gone take out the Prez’s son like that… #NoLoyalty..
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Oh that one about the good comb. To this day I still haven’t found it. The ultimate struggle.

the last one. Ermahgahhhhh.

All of this

My life… my life….

I need a cemetery for all the combs and comb attachments I’ve broken 

41, 83 and 38 all day in my life. 😞

Nothing but the TRUTH!!!!!

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I tweeted this to Kerry because she really needs to know. And I don’t care if she blocks me.


I tweeted this to Kerry because she really needs to know. And I don’t care if she blocks me.

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What is different from the end of last season to the end of this one?


Olivia runs away.
Fitz is President but unhappy.
Eli is a dangerous ass who runs things.
Jake is a creepy liar who just won’t fucking die.

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When she told him she loved him, I knew this shit was gonna go to hell.

When she was in the Oval and he started talking ‘bout Vermont, babies, etc…I was its ova!!

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aliskaleidoscope had a great point — Olivia left Fitz before Jerry’s funeral. Like…really?

Olivia doesn’t really love Fitz. I want Fitz to use Olivia’s plan from 2.22 and move on with someone else.

I don’t ever again want to hear anyone utter that Fitz is unworthy of Olivia.


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I’m here for the friendships that I’ve made because of the show but I no longer care about the show. I’ve met some really good people.

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hella addicted to the fandom. Or what was once the fandom. the show can go somewhere for all I care. I’m here for you all.

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Absolutely glad that I joined this crazy fandom. i’ll be around for the fun and jokes…. But for the show, excuse me while I exit stage left.

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Yep; I bow out gracefully as a fan of Scandal!

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Fitz was still talking about babies & shit…



I would have took Mellie’s secret to my grave & rode that dick to Vermont.

YUP!!!!! And bought lubricant for the back door!